Connor Tyrrell
Connor Tyrrell

Connor is an application development principal consultant for Slalom Consulting. A Bostonian since 2004, he has consulted with Slalom for five years and with Accenture the 7 years before that.

His consulting expertise encompasses years of IT project management that included the implementation of data warehousing and reporting platform, implementing team-collaboration tools at global clients, and years of work with energy trading systems. More recently his work takes a dive into hands on application development focusing on full-stack web development and mobile applications.

Connor's passion for problem solving and creative IT solutions extends into his personal life as the founder and mobile developer for the global app BrewGene (>200k users).

Connor loves playing games with friends and family while his two cats Sherlock and Watson sit close by. He is a friendly vegetarian, beer and wine aficionado, and spends the year longing for ski weekends in Vermont.

He is a life-long Circle Schooler and would love to help you and your coworkers get better at recycling and composting.

Why Slack Code Names?

During the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020, I was looking for an evening/weekend project, wanted to learn how to build an interactive Slack App, I love games, and Code Names is straight forward yet challenging and fun for groups of all sizes! Since many people are on Slack all day with their coworkers, Code Names can be a fun way to connect for a quick coffee break or to have playing in the background over the course of the day.


This game is being provided for free and I hope to keep it that way. There are costs to maintaining and hosting the app, so a beer would always be welcome! I hope you enjoy playing!